´╗┐Uber Self-Driving trucks contravene Regulators This particular organization has been expanding its venture by all means and now it has taken a step forward and has decided to take the business to the next level. It is a fact that, most of the automobile manufacturing companies have started to create automobiles based on the Autonomous technology. At present, we can say that this new idea of autonomous vehicles is still in its initial stages. We are all aware of the fact that, last year, the famous peer-peer sharing economy bought the famous company Otto for a whopping 680 million dollars. Otto is one of the organizations which work on the self-driving technology. The company started in the beginning of 2016, but with the kind of technology they used, it got the attention of Uber. Now, Otto is owned by Uber and they have taken the initiative of sending the self-driving trucks for delivery purposes. One undeniable fact is that, though they are using the technology for better performance. On the flip side, the regulators are not with this new zoplay kind of trucks and feel that the rules are being violated by using these trucks. In the recent past, the ride-hailing, delivered 50,000 beer cans in Colorado Springs, with the use of Otto’s self-driving trucks. It is said that this particular technology which has been used is mainly focused on the highways and it is not kind of threat which the regulators might think. All the safety measures are followed while the self-driving trucks are set-off on the roads is what the officials at Uber state. The way in which the trucks are getting operated is different to that of the Auto-Pilot mode which we find in the Tesla’s vehicles. It is said that the system follows Level 4 self-determination, for operating the trucks on the self-driving mode. This complete mechanism is in the initial stages and we can say that in a few years from now, it will be able to drive in all kinds of condition. At present, the trucks which are driven would be just on the highways and it is said that the last miles to the destination will be driven by the truck drivers. So, this is evident that the journey with a self-driven truck would be a safe one and there is no need to panic. There is a human supervision always and so it is clear that there will be no untoward incident actually occurring. Unfortunately, the regulators from California want these trucks to be taken off the road instead. In the past, they were requested to remove the self-driving cars, now they wanted to do the same with the trucks as well. It might not come as a big shock to the organization, as they have gone through something similar to this in the past as well. There have been many different kinds of situations Zuket where the regulators have opposed the complete service of Uber. In a few cities, the people found the service not to be a reliable one, as the drivers who work for the company do it on a contract basis. This has made the company to leave the cities and recently it also left China, as it was unable to withhold the bureaucracy in that country as well. A letter has been sent by the Consumer Watchdog head, requesting the DMV of California to take back the certification of the self-driven trucks. The accusations which have been made by the head seem to be a valid point. It is said that there is no permit for the Otto self-driven trucks to be driven around California. There is another aspect which needs to be considered, the vehicle weighs around 10,000 pounds, and this does not come under the limit which has been set. The Department of Motor Vehicles official stated that the city does not permit a vehicle which is 10,000 pounds to be operated on an auto-pilot mode. If there are any chances that, the vehicle is violating the set rules. Then it is an easy catch for the law authorities to impose the charges on the company and cease the vehicles as well. The officials from the organization stated that the vehicles are not driven on an autonomous mode once it is in the city limits. It is only on the highways where the vehicle is driven on the self-driven mode. This makes it clear that the organization is not breaching the rules and regulations which have been set, as said by the regulators. This particular bureau Consumer Watchdog was successful in taking the self-driven cars off the road. The self-driven cars were driven around the cities without the approval of the DMV department. In fact, the company wants the vehicles of Uber and Otto which are operated through the autonomous technology been taken off the roads. It is said that the system through which Otto’s vehicle work is different, there are multiple elements which get involved when we are stating about the self-driven trucks. The sensors which are used in the trucks are of a different kind, and there are cameras fit as well to check on the road and carefully maneuver the vehicle. The complete system works according to the signals which are being sensed by the sensors which are mounted on the trucks. In the first attempt of delivering the beer cans, it is evident that the driver was monitoring the complete working system of the autonomous technology which has been used in the truck. So, there was human on the vehicle who was tracking the complete drive. This says that the drive which was made using the self-driven truck was done with a manual tracking indeed. To counter the accusation made by the bureau about the weighing of the vehicle. The Otto official stated that there are trucks around 15, 000 pounds even before the trailer is added to the truck. Therefore Otto’s truck weighing around 10,000 pounds shouldn’t actually bother. It is said that Otto’s trucks are actually in a condition of being driven in California, there is no question of getting the trucks off the road. Otto is testing the self-driven trucks on the roads on a regular basis around San Francisco. It is said that there have situations where the driver had to get back behind the wheels to be able to maneuver the vehicle. On the flip side, it is also said that the organization has not signed up for any kind of test under the autonomous testing program which would come under the California region. They have clearly made a statement that the trucks were not eligible to be driven on the common roads where we find public around. In fact, the testing is done only on the highways and has not breached any kind of rules and regulations as stated by the regulators. Since the accusation has been made against the company the DMV officials are analyzing the factors and scrutinizing the probability of violating the rules. Self-driving is one thing which the regulators are not really happy with, they feel it be a kind of threat. The fact here is that the vehicles are used for testing purposes alone and there are lot more things which need to be done to get it through and made available on a regular basis. We can expect that Uber and Otto will abide by the law and make sure that their self-driving venture becomes a successful one.