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Lé Bár and Bio ABC- organic shop, juice bar and vegan buffet

Bio ABC is one of the best equipped organic food shops in Budapest and right next door they run a cute little vegan eatery and juice bar.  They are on the “little ring road” between Kálvin Square and Astoria.

Bio Abc and Le Bar

This is a vegan eatery, with the exception of honey in some cakes, and the majority of the ingredients are from organic sources. They do salads, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and couple of warm dishes a day. Today for example they had carrot, apple, beetroot, melon, orange and sand thorn juice. There were soups, and three main dishes, all vegan of course. I chose the special offer (which you can always check on their website) and it was potato, squash stew, tofu, grain burger and salad; it was 850 Hufs, very tasty and quite a good deal, don’t you think?

I also got a plum strudel for pudding; 350 Hufs. There were a selection of cakes, some sugar free, some made with cane sugar. My plum strudel was delicious, full of real fruit.

Le Bar- daily menu
They seem to follow the Rudolf Steiner “grain of the day” in their menu- with one exception: on Thursday they have buckwheat instead of rye. The small place was packed when I was there;  nice to know that so many are into vegan food in our corner of the world! There is only space for 6 chairs and many people get a  take-away, in fact all the food is prepared by 10 am and people are encouraged to pick up their lunch early to avoid queueing.

Le bar inside

Address: Múzeum krt 19.
Phone: +3613173043
Open: 9am-6pm

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